Day 4 National Poetry Month: My World

My World 

Racing out the door
I bark
again and again
trying to sound bigger
than I am.

My eyes do not see
like they once did.
My ears no longer
hear the danger
that surrounds me.

Moving around
my favorite spaces
to circle the tree,
to smell grass,
I bark louder.

My world is smaller now
than it once was.
I no longer see
the deer taunting me,
the rabbits
wanting to play.

I no longer hear
the birds in the trees
or my family
calling me
to come back in.

So I will bark
long and loud,
to protect
the space that remains
in my world.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2016


  1. Very well written.. I know the story is about Trudy, but it captures growing older for all of us..

  2. Nothing sweeter, or sometimes sadder, than an old dog!

  3. I agree with Sharon. I'm thinking of my mom as I read this...

  4. To all faithful friends that bring us joy and steal our hearts. This is so sweet and touching.

  5. Aw, it's lovely to hear things from a dog's point of view, such a sweet poem!

  6. You wrote this so well for our aging dogs.


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