Poetry Friday: A Friend Just Like That

It's Poetry Friday.  This week Laura Purdie Salas hosts at Writing the World for Kids.  Stop by her blog for today's parade of wondrous words.  

This was the first week of The Global Read Aloud (#gra15).  We are joining the conversation around the work of Amy Krouse Rosenthal (#graAMY).  I decided I would jump back into Poetry Friday with a poem about this week's book: Chopsticks.  I thought it might be fun to try to write a poem related to the book we read each week across the event.  This week we enjoyed the story of two friends who like to be together and, of course, want what is best for the other.  I'm grateful to have friends just like that.     

A Friend Just Like That
There's nothing quite like
a friend that is true,
she'll stand beside you
and do what you do.

A friend for adventures
or to lend a good ear,
a friend to help you
when life's not so clear.

A friend who will laugh
or just sit down for a chat,
who likes what you do;
a friend just like that.

A friend who enjoys
your crazy schemes.
A friend to encourage you
to follow your dreams.

Though life sometimes moves you
to places anew.
Though distance may separate,
she'll still think of you.

You'll discover new joys.
New places you'll see.
When you sit down together,
you'll share them with glee.

Joining a friend
after being apart,
puts a smile on your face
and a song in your heart.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015


  1. Cathy, it is great fun having a friend to enjoy life with. You captured that feeling in your poem. I hope you read this one out loud to your class and encourage them to write a poem based on their impressions of the book read. I look forward to other poems about books read.

  2. The sentiment is wonderful, Cathy, and to pair it with your books for Global ReadAloud is terrific. Friends indeed are special to have.

  3. This is a beautiful poem Cathy and to have a friend as dear as this is indeed a blessing. I love the way you have so beautifully woven GRA and Poetry Friday into one beautiful and heartfelt sentiment. You truly have a gift in your words.

  4. Simply perfect! What a nice model for your students of a way to respond to a book!

  5. Love it! The perky rhythms and rhyme, this poem smiles, Cathy. The last stanza is my favorite--that feeling of reconnecting, spot on.

  6. Very nice, Cathy! I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal's picture books. Your poem is a wonderful response to CHOPSTICKS.


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