Poetry Friday: Pitcher

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's link up is hosted at Check It Out.

So I'm a little hooked on fantasy baseball.  One of my pitchers, Mat Latos, is back with the Reds.  Yep, I'm writing this in hopes of sending the power to him to strike out my son's players on the other team.  Oh, fantasy sports.  

The pitcher
touches his hat
looks left
chin touches shoulder.

The ball
goes behind his back
he stares
at the hitter.

He moves
the ball
to his glove
and stares again.

He winds
sends the ball
toward the batter.

The batter
but the ball
smacks the catchers mitt.


© Cathy L. Mere, 2014


  1. You've created such a clear image! I love that you play fantasy baseball. :-)

  2. Yet ANOTHER fantasy sport?!? You crack me up.

    This poem created a very visual image for me -- I saw the whole thing on the video screen in my mind!


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