Celebrating Possibility

Today I join Ruth Ayres as she hosts this week's celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes.  Stop by to read her post and follow the links to other celebrations.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."                  -George Bernard Shaw
Finally taking a minute for lunch I check the clock on my phone.  Cassie should be ending her college visit about now and heading to the next one.  "How are the visits going?" I inquire in a text message.  My phone rings almost as soon as I press the send button.

"I found my school," she relays quickly.

I can hear the excitement in her voice.  She has been on several college visits and few have ended without questions or hesitations.  She's found schools she likes, but I haven't really felt she loves any of them.  Some are too small.  Some are too expensive.  Some she's not sure she can get into.  Some she's not sure she will fit in with the people who attend.  Today I hear the click in her voice.  I know it feels right to her.

"They have my program," she explains.  "The size of the campus is perfect.  It's big, but everything is easy to get to.  The dorm rooms are small, but they are nice."  She rattles through a list of things she likes about this school.

I listen.  Enjoying the sound of her enthusiasm and feeling the relief of knowing she is pleased with this decision.  "When does the visit at the next school begin?" I ask.

"I'm not going," she replies, "I've found the place I want to be.  I just wish it wasn't so long until I start."

The application is submitted.  Her school has forwarded her information.  Now we wait to hear a definite answer on her application.  So many opportunities are ahead.  Today I celebrate POSSIBILITY as Cassie stands at the beginning of her journey.


  1. I am excited for you. The search is not easy. I love your take on seeing her future with possibility.

  2. That is such a scary but exciting time. Finding the right place to call home for the next years is so important. She is beautiful by the way!

  3. How great that she has found the just right place for her! And as a mom, selfishly, I hope it's not too, too, too far away from you!

  4. I love that you can celebrate the vision of the next step to her life. Your quote was perfect!

  5. Such an exciting time. After all the years, I still remember my first days, how wonderful it was. Best wishes to your daughter, Cathy, and her days ahead!

  6. So happy for Cassie (and family) sometimes you just know when it's right! Sounds like Cass has found her Big Girl School just like Birdie found her shoes!


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