September's Chalkabration: Reach

Well, I guess life's been a little busy.  I was shocked to see I haven't posted since July 5th.  Yes, July 5th!?!?  I can't believe my mom hasn't called to complain about this.  Today I'm joining September's Chalkabration hosted by Betsy at Teaching Young Writers.  

My chalkabration creation:

                            Looking up.
                            Then climb.
                            You are the stars!

Deb Frazier, Betsy Hubbard,
Mary Lee Hahn and Marie Nixon
at Mellow Mushroom.
This weekend I had the privilege of spending time with Betsy Hubbard.  When I met Betsy for the first time at #nerdcampbc, I felt like I already knew her.  For some time I had been following her blogs I Think in Poems and Teaching Young Writers.  I knew her from Slice of Life, Poetry Friday, Chalkabration and Twitter too.  This weekend she made the long drive to join us at the Literacy Connection  with Ruth Ayres.

On Saturday as Ruth shared her thinking about Celebrations in Writing, the group decided to join Betsy's end of month fun and had a chalk celebration during our lunch break.  Participants went out into the front of the school to leave chalk poems and messages for students as they arrive on Monday.  This was the perfect complement to Ruth's message of joyous celebrations and a great ending to fabulously fun weekend of learning and conversation.  


  1. Cathy, I feel like you are a long lost friend who I am reconnecting with. Such a nice post, makes me smile. Your photos are great and your poem is so happy.

  2. Your chalk poem is great! I want to share it with my kindergarten students. I love sharing poems that they can connect to and I think this one is a great example for them. Thanks for chalking!

  3. "You are the stars!" Love that line. I am envious of this special time you all had together. I have enjoyed being with y'all virtually through the blog roundup. Spreading chalky cheer all over the cyber-verse.

  4. Really glad to see that you posted-- I have missed your voice. It's hard to find time at this crazy time of the year. I love your chalk-a-bration! Think I will type it out for kids (and teachers!)

  5. Thank you for taking me back to the joy of that weekend!


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