Poetry Friday: Bird Watching

Sometimes I think
they come to watch me
as they perch
high on branches
gazing below
chattering feverishly
to one another
in chirps and tweets
flying back and forth
just above me
gliding to a closer tree
to get a better look
at the human
sitting on the patio
pecking away
with her fingers.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Random Noodling where Diane hosts today's parade of wondrous words.


  1. The last two lines were a surprise! Nicely done, Cathy!

  2. I like the turnabout in this poem, Cathy. Your way of looking at the world. And those pecking fingers!

  3. I always think the same thing when I am at the zoo... Maybe it's the animals looking at us and not us looking at the animals...


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