A World Awaits

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"Remember the book we used to read:  Goodnight Moon?  I feel like I need to go around the house and say goodbye to everything this morning before I leave," my daughter said as she got ready to move her carload full of "must haves" to college.

How could I forget?  I'm pretty sure I read that book to her five times each day while she toddled around the house all of those years ago.  I smile to myself at the memory that seems long ago and like yesterday all at the same time.  Where has the time gone?  Bringing myself back to reality I scan the house to see if we have forgotten to load anything.  The day is sure to be a long one full of lifting, putting together, and getting settled.

Though I know I will miss her, I'm also excited for her.  I make a conscious effort to let the excitement win the battle for my attention.  After all, I still remember the first day I drove onto Ohio State University's campus.  It was as if I knew there was a world of possibility right in front of me.  For the first time, I felt as if I were in charge of the direction my life would take.  To this day when I drive on the campus, I am reminded of that feeling.

It isn't long until we are on the road with a van packed full of clothing, bedding, organizers, and essentials (I use that word loosely).  She sits in the back with everything packed tightly around her.  There's no time to waste upon arrival as times to stay parked in front of the dorm are limited.  There's much to be moved and put away to get her settled into her new space.  We arrange furniture, find places for everything she's brought, and put the finishing touches on the room by hanging a few pictures in her space.

Soon she seems satisfied with all we have accomplished.  I remind myself of all the opportunities she will discover here.  For the first time, she's fully in charge of the direction her life will take.  I remind myself of this as I say goodbye to her and head home.  Goodbyes like goodnights are only temporary.  Every goodbye is followed by a hello and goodnights are followed by new mornings.


  1. Such a bittersweet time! I remember driving away from my son's dorm and crying for at least an hour. For some reason that I don't now recall, my niece was with us, and at one point she said to my husband, "Is she going to cry all the way to Connecticut?" (We were in western Maryland!) Good luck to your daughter at Ohio State. I'll be thinking of you both in the days to come!

  2. Love this snippet! What a special day and moment, even though goodbyes can be hard. I'll be sharing this with Chris as she said goodbye to her oldest daughter last week...Love the tie in with "Goodnight Moon" too! So true! Goodbye couch, goodbye table, goodbye comfy bed ...

  3. Several others have written about this special goodbye, Cathy. I remember too, saying goodbye to my own children, and the feeling when I went myself-that whole world of possibilities! You've said it so right, and so thoughtfully. Best wishes to your daughter!

  4. "Though I know I will miss her, I'm also excited for her. I make a conscious effort to let the excitement win the battle for my attention."...Says so much.

  5. You capture this time so beautifully! I love that you are able to focus on all that awaits your daughter, instead of the huge hole that she will leave at your house! New experiences ahead for all of you!

  6. I love the last sentence here, Cathy. A hard day and a wonderful day rolled into one.

  7. I, too, moved my daughter into OSU on Sat. for her freshman year, so I could really connect to this slice. I love how you and your daughter connected it to Goodnight Moon. I'll be writing about my experience and thoughts next week. I needed a little more time for it all to percolate. Ha.

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  9. Ah, but it is never the same again. Your home is always their home, but not really any more. This is the beginning of a really new day. It is hard but wonderful, too.


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