Queso Anyone?

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Tonight I am slipping in under the wire for Slice of Life.  At least I'm slipping in with something.

Me, Deb Frazier, Karen Terlecky & Nicole Kessler

What's one of the best ways to spend an evening?  Hanging out with these three over a bowl (or two) of queso.  A few years ago, the four of us started chatting often on Twitter and then crossing paths at conferences and gatherings.  It wasn't long until we decided to start getting together to share what we had learned.  We've supported each other through blogging, Twitter, Evernote, Pinterest (yes, even Pinterest), learning about new apps, and weaving all of this into literacy in our classrooms.

Our gatherings have moved from our devices, to queso in the winter, porches and patios in the summer.  Whatever the weather, I enjoy the time chatting with these three amazing women who have become great friends.  Our conversations weave across teaching, literacy, technology, professional reading, and into our lives (even yearbooks and yellow roses...lol).  Whatever the conversation, I always come away feeling refreshed and energized.

So thankful!


  1. This makes me miss a couple of my favorite colleagues that now live half-way across the country! Sounds like we had similar "traditions" only we were fans of wine and baked cheese at Olive Garden! :) I can feel your fondness for your friends and the amount of support you offer one another. We wouldn't survive without these relationships, would we?!

  2. Wish I lived in Ohio and could come to these meetings! I'll bet they are times of terrific learning! And rich conversations! And probably lots of laughter too! Hurray for those colleagues that keep us going!

  3. Yeah, from what I saw at NCTE, Ohio is the place to teach - a wonderful community of teachers, you are! How very nice to be able to gather together.

  4. Aw, man! I'm so jealous! Too bad Ohio and Illinois weren't closer together - I'd absolutely love to join in for some queso and chatting. :)

  5. Now that's a power group of educators and queso is the bonus! How wonderful that you are able to meet and share learning together.

  6. I love how your relationship has grown -- from the digital world to real life. Conversation online is powerful, but the real life connections -- the laughter, body language, facial expressions, etc. add so much more depth! Thanks for sharing and wish I could join you too!

  7. Wonderful that you all live so close & can get together often, building such a great friendship. Like those above, Cathy, I am jealous too! Glad you 'slipped in'!

  8. I have to admit that I am jealous, too. I love that you all have this connection.

  9. Your slice of queso and conversation sound perfect. Wish I could join in-you all inspire me!


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