Friday, April 6, 2012

6 of 30: Ode to the Reese's Egg

Today's post should probably begin with an apology to the ode.  As I pulled a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg from the freezer today, I just couldn't resist this tribute.  

Ode to the Reese's Egg
Oh, chocolate peanut butter delight,
How I shriek when you I see.
I cannot wait to take a bite,
I nearly burst with glee!

I hold your delightful egg-like size,
You rest within my hand.
A truly wonderful surprise,
I buy as many as I can.

You'll be long gone, it is so wrong.
You won't return until next year.
I will be singing a sad sad song.
I will miss you so, I fear.

Oh, chocolate peanut butter delight,
You must stay all year I beg.
You're perfect always in my sight,
I miss you already, Reese's Egg.

Amy LV at The Poem Farm recently shared a poem, D is for Draw, in which she read a poem using SoundCloud.  I thought I'd give it a try with this ode.  I'm thinking SoundCloud might be another way for students to record poetry.  Thanks, Amy!


  1. Cathy - My 13-year-old daughter Hope just said, "She should TOTALLY send that to Reese's!" Now I want to find one and eat it and save some in the freezer too! What fun it is to be online friends. I'll be listening and looking for more (and maybe from your students too!) a.

  2. How could you read that aloud without drooling?!?! (I'm drooling as I listen!!)

    I'm going to have to try SoundCloud soon, too!

    And you want to know what's sitting on my kitchen table, seeing how long I will hold out? A Reese's egg...and TWO Russel Stover coconut cream eggs! Easter is the ( of the...) best chocolate holidays EVER!!

  3. Any ode to chocolate will do for me, but this does sound delicious! Hope the funny, hoppy guy brings some to our house tomorrow! Thanks for sharing SoundCloud too. I was thinking that I wanted my students to record some poetry this month as well and this may just be the way to do it! As always, thanks for writing today!

  4. I happen to love reese's eggs! Yummy! Sometimes I just buy them at the store only individually and eat it as soon as I get to the car! I haven't done that this year yet...
    I love that you recorded your ode for us to hear your voice! Personalization adds another layer of meaning to the text! Thanks for sharing this idea, I will have to try it!


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