Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 of 30: The Goodbye Cake

Today is my third day of posting poems for National Poetry Month.  I'm finding out there are quite a few National Poetry Month events and have linked what I've found to this sidebar.  This is our first Tuesday since finishing the month long Slice of Life March Challenge.  I have posted this poem as part of the Tuesday slices being shared at Two Writing Teachers.  
"Begin here, with what you know."  Georgia Heard, Writing Toward Home 

The Goodbye Cake
Pulling the cake out of the refrigerator,
She places it on the table.
A silence falls around the busy table.
It is glorious!

We sit around the rectangular table
As we do most every Sunday
Having just finished
A delicious meal.  

Layers of cake.
Layers of chocolate cake.
Layers of chocolate cake standing high.
No cake has ever compared.

We laugh over stories
Of the children, of recent days.
Her grandkids sit beside her,
Knowing they'll be first.

Light whipped cream icing covering the cake,
Hiding between layers inside.
Cherries decadently placed within.
Chocolate shavings sprinkled as a final touch.

She cuts the cake 
Passing it carefully around.
We talk together as we enjoy
This little slice of heaven.


  1. My mouth is watering... Love this imagery Cathy!

  2. That third stanza is built so carefully, just like the cake that you now have put in my mind. Where oh where am I going to get one that meets your description? The good thing is there are no calories in reading about it. I'd better keep it that way.

  3. Love the structure you created between the cake and the company! What a fun, yummy slice of poetry!

  4. I agree, I love the structure! I also love the last stanza, where you bring the word "slice" out of the description of the cake. It ties the piece together so nicely. :)

    I'm doing a poem a day too (okay, so I've done three so far) based on the visual prompts from Bud the Teacher! We'll see how many days I make this challenge.

  5. You are so talented with poetry. I love the visuals you created with your words. I really want a piece of layered cake right now! :)

  6. Really great--and besides now being hungry for chocolate cake, I loved the little peek into a family...

    Love your poetry

  7. I so want cake NOW. I like in the first stanza how you told us that silence occurred when the cake came out. It made me realize just how great of a cake it must have been.

  8. I'm glad I waited to read your slice! I am eating chocolate cake right now! Although I suspect it isn't as good as you described and certainly it has no whipped cream or cherries. I love the build up, & especially the verse number four: "We laugh over stories, of children, of recent days." That's the best kind of 'round the table'!

  9. I love that hush that comes when I bring my made-from-scratch three-layer chocolate cake to the table.

    I'll be making one tomorrow for a friend's birthday!


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