Thursday, April 26, 2012

26 of 30 Friday!

Yes, I know it is Thursday, but I'm looking forward to Friday.  My oldest daughter is coming home from North Carolina, and we are driving to see our son on Saturday.  I was thinking about how much we love Friday --- and how it gets all the attention.  

Poor Monday gets no respect,
We all just curse its name.
And Tuesday gets ignored,
The day is really far too tame.

Wednesday's in the middle,
We're all happy to be there.
And Thursday sits near Friday,
We can make it we declare.

Then Friday finally comes,
We're as happy as can be.
We've made it through the week,
We dance and shout with glee.

Then Saturday arrives,
And we're having so much fun.
We enjoy some time with friends,
Read a book, enjoy the sun.

Then Sunday finally comes,
And we look at it with fright.
The weekend's gone so quickly,
It's really just not right.

©  Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Just love it, & each line is so true! That weekend just yawns before us on Saturday, doesn't it? I like the rhyming & zippy rhythm, too, Cathy!

  2. Yes, so true! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. A perfect explanation of the week!

    Enjoy your family this weekend!!!!

  4. Yup!

    It's Saturday, and I'm happy!

    (love your rhyming!)


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