Saturday, April 14, 2012

14 of 30: The Procrastinator

"Poetry is when emotion has found thought and thought has found its words."  Robert Frost

The Procrastinator
sitting here by my french doors
watching the rain slowly trickle
i peck away at my computer
writing this
reading that
i get up to freshen my coffee
pretending there is nothing
needing completed
prolonging my agony
finding other things to do
things i normally ignore
now look inviting
i might even
bake a cake - from scratch
go to the grocery
go through a stack of mail
eventually i will be pressured
to delay no longer
i will have to get busy
deadlines loom
forcing my compliance

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Oh procrastination.... I know thee well. I really liked the feel of the -ing words repeating at the beginning.

  2. Is that how it works? I have completed a number of tasks today, but certainly nothing on my 'real' list. Maybe procrastination is a way of giving us a little rest in between the things that must be tackled, just a little time to do the easy things. There, Cathy, did that reasoning help? Love the lines, all alone, 'ignoring, avoiding, postponing'! Exactly right.

  3. HAH! A poem about not wanting to write a poem. I may have to resort to that....


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