Monday, April 30, 2012

30 of 30: Poetry Hides

Today is the final day of National Poetry Month.  Here's what I've learned...

Poetry Hides
If I have learned
it is that poetry hides.
Along the creek's muddy edge,
under the dried fall leaves
long forgotten.

Poetry hides,
As flowers awaken,
stars shimmer
in the deep dark night.

Poetry hides,
To dawn's early chorus
as the birds call to one another,
crickets sing their nighttime song.

Poetry hides,
Days long forgotten,
memories tucked
deep within your heart.

Poetry hides,
It walks silently
beside you.
Waiting for you
to pull out your pen
to capture
its words.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Cathy--this is so true and your poem would make a great mentor text. I have enjoyed your poetry all month--even though at times I have been a "voiceless visitor". So, what are you writing in May?

  2. Cathy, congratulations for making all month with the poetry challenge! Your words will stay with us. I love this poem - it will inspire the writer in many.

  3. Yahoo! Congrats on your writing - you jumped in and never looked back! Love this last poem of the month - you certainly noticed, listened, and remembered all month.

  4. Perfect. And so true.

    We MADE IT!!! WOOT! Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

  5. "look, listen, remember, notice"-Love those words that begin each stanza, Cathy. It's been quite a poetry ride this month, hasn't it? Congratulations on writing each day! Now onto May, mysteries await!

  6. Yes! This captures it all. Listening and looking. Poems are there in the shadows! Congratulations! a.

  7. Love this Cathy and others you have written. What an awesome challenge you completed!


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