Saturday, April 21, 2012

21 of 30 Chips

What is it about eating chips,
That makes me want to do flips?
They're crunchy and good.
Taste just like they should.
Even better when accompanied by dips.
I wish someone would take them away.
I eat way too many every day.
Once I eat one,
I can't stop the fun.
My stomachache surely will stay.
I can eat them until they are gone.
'Til my stomach cries out something's wrong.
I should've stopped before now,
But I didn't know how,
In my pantry they no longer belong!

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. So-at least they're gone! Funny, & it is hard to quit eating when it's something you think is bad for you. Love that "I wish someone would taken them away."

  2. You just woke the Cheetos up and made them start calling my name!!!


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