Thursday, April 19, 2012

19 of 30: High Dive

It's my 50th day in a row of writing.  I started with 31 days of Slice of Life posts, and now I am on day 19 of writing poems.  I just might make it to the end of April with this challenge.  I have been using the challenge to prepare for our poetry unit of study.  The young poets in my classroom have been reading poetry here, there and everywhere.  We're just about ready to start writing poetry too so I've been pondering some memories I think they might enjoy.  Last night I was thinking about summers at the pool as a kid.  Our pool had a tall high dive that was a must for every swimmer to conquer.  I thought I'd see if I could recreate that memory in a poem.  

High Dive
The long thin board looms over me, touching the sky
step, climb
step, climb
step, climb
to the top
each rung
full of decision.

I arrive
walk cautiously
to the edge
peer out.

I stand above
the fence,
the trees,
the houses.
All watch.
All wait.

I look down
turning around
I have come
too far.
Take one last
deep breath.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Yes, indeed, you took me back. Do you think your students will have a high-dive memory, or maybe something close, a 'rite of passage' thing. I know I felt so old when I finally did it. I like that part about the view: above the fence, the trees, the houses"-so scary. Thanks, Cathy. I hope you can share some student poems, too!

  2. I love swimming outdoors! This poem brought back great memories of the pool back home -- sights, sounds, smells, feeling...all flooding back.

    Ahhh...can't wait for summer. I'll make sure I get to an outdoor pool at least once a week this summer!


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