Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17 of 30: Slideshow

Today Charles Waters is visiting Author Amok for the 30 Habits of Highly Effective Poets Series to give some advice for writing poetry.  In talking about writing poetry he says, "Writing every day is like boot camp for your poems.  The more often you drill, the stronger your work becomes."  Here's to day 17 of 30.  

A regular slideshow pic:
My brother, Chad, & I on my grandparents' patio

Please we beg
show us your pictures.

We chant.

We gather in the basement,
flop on couches,
fill chairs,
lounge on the floor.
Grandma brings snacks as
Grandpa pulls out the carousels of photographs
taken across the years.

On the large white screen 
pictures flash,
of vacations,
of places,
of upside down trees,
of family we know, and
family we do not.

We listen in happy silence
for hours as 
the stories 
surround us
filling our hearts
making us smile.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Cathy,
    Cute picture. My friend's Dad had a movie projector and would invite the neighborhood kids over to watch movies of us sledding down snow covered hills, prancing around in Halloween costumes, at school events, and just having loads of fun. I haven't thought of that in so long. I think I'll send her a Facebook shout out and ask her of about it. Thanks for reminding me of those great memories.

    1. Valerie,
      That is fun! I hope you find them. Wouldn't it be a riot to watch them now.


  2. I love the picture of you and your brother! I remember watching the carousel slide shows at my grandma's house just like your poem. I loved those times. It makes me sad that there's no one left to know who's in some of the slides now-when my gram passed away, it seems like everything ended...

    1. Amy,
      I know what you mean. I actually have another slideshow poem I may post later about this very thing. I chose to post the lighter version yesterday. Like you, I truly miss those times, but sometimes if I listen closely I can still here my grandpa tell those stories.


  3. Oh, I love this only we did it with old super 8 millimeter movies. It was such fun to watch & hear the stories, just as you said, Cathy. That final verse is special. I love the picture, too; you both are so, so darling! Thanks for this.

  4. What an adorable photo!

    Congratulations, Cathy -- you've won a door prize at my Poetry Potluck (a signed copy of Kathi Appelt's My Father's House). If you didn't receive my email, please see my Sunday Bear post (April 15) for details. Thanks!

    1. Yay! This is exciting news. I have forwarded an email to your address. Thank you.

  5. In the future, will your grandkids clamor to sit around the computer to see your slideshows?!?!

  6. Cathy~
    I am enjoying reading all your poems each one seems to speak to me, I find a connection in each one.
    The picture in this one is so adorable, I have to say, your picture looks JUST like of both your beautiful girls!


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