Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Poem Isn't on the Playground: National Poetry Month 27 of 30

I saw the crabapple,
with its pink blossoms
ready to burst.
Calling to me
just beyond the patio.

For years,
the piano,
its keys silent,
discovered the joy
of someone
able to help it sing.

The rain
near my window,
turning the grass
from brown to green.
The flowers rejoicing.

I just sat
trying to find poetry.
Trying to turn
the playground
into a poem to share.

© Cathy L. Mere 2014

I spent today trying to find a poem about an object on the playground.  Is this the day for monkey bars?  For rings?  For soccer goals?  For tetherball?  As I tried to find the words, poetry seemed to be unfolding around me.  My commitment to the project made me want to stick with the topic, but the words were somewhere else.  So I wrote this.

I'm writing poetry for 30 days.  For the first seven days of the challenge I wrote about "objects of memory," then "objects I just can't live without" and "school objects."  For the next seven days I will be writing about objects that can be found on the playground.  This will help me to prepare for a little poetry writing with students.  Our class will be taking poetry around the building in the days to come.  

April is National Poetry Month.  Again this year, inspired by Mary Lee Hahn, I'm joining other poetry bloggers (view links in sidebar) taking the challenge to share poetry each day during the month of April.  For thirty days my hope is to write a new poem each day.  The first two years I took this challenge I wrote any poem that found me.  This year, however, I've decided to try to write a poem about an object each day.  If you've read Billy Collins' poem, The Lanyard, you may have noticed the way he took an object to tell a much more meaningful story of his relationship with his mother.  My hope is to find the deeper significance in the things around me.


  1. Yup. I had a few of those moments this month!

  2. I have had more than a few of these moments this month. But you really did find a beautiful poem!

  3. I love the random thoughts.. Somehow they all join together and complete the picture...

  4. Sometimes the poem that wants to be written finds YOU. It's a reward for waiting each day, coaxing poems from the corners. :)


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