Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Band-Aid®: National Poetry Month 20 of 30

The Band-Aid®

The paper left a slice
and it didn't feel so nice,
get a band-aid.

You have a little cut
and the gash it will not shut,
get a band-aid.

As you sat, you picked a scab
and it's really hurting bad,
get a band-aid.

That hangnail hurts a lot,
you need protection for that spot,
get a bandaid.

Much better you will feel,
though it might not help it heal.
Yes, the bandaid.

It hurts and makes you cry,
but this will dry your eyes.
Yes, the bandaid.

It works almost every time
and in relief we all do chime.
Yes, the bandaid.

© Cathy L. Mere 2014

If you've been to a first grade classroom,  you know there's nothing that fixes things like a band-aid.  

I'm writing poetry for 30 days.  For the first seven days of the challenge I wrote about "objects of memory," and then I wrote about "objects I just can't live without."  For the next seven days I will be writing about objects that can be found at school.  This will help me to prepare for a little poetry writing with students.  Our class will be taking poetry around the building in the days to come.  

April is National Poetry Month.  Again this year, inspired by Mary Lee Hahn, I'm joining other poetry bloggers (view links in sidebar) taking the challenge to share poetry each day during the month of April.  For thirty days my hope is to write a new poem each day.  The first two years I took this challenge I wrote any poem that found me.  This year, however, I've decided to try to write a poem about an object each day.  If you've read Billy Collins' poem, The Lanyard, you may have noticed the way he took an object to tell a much more meaningful story of his relationship with his mother.  My hope is to find the deeper significance in the things around me


  1. I want to sing this! So so true. I like Band-Aids too...

  2. Oh how special is a band aid... You "covered" it well...

  3. So cute, Cathy. Covers most everything. I'm sure you don't know, but in Colorado now teachers cannot put band-aids on children, unless they're out in the field & are in total care of the child. Our school receptionist is the 'go-to' person with band-aids. I used to buy all those cute band-aids even for my older students!

  4. I have an ongoing "war" with the secretary at my school about bandaids. She thinks I give out too many. I think that if it makes a six year old feel better to have a bandaid, let them have one. And besides, once they decide they need a bandaid, they don't stop asking until you give them one, so you might as well get it over with. I'm going to print out your poem to give to her.


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