Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spork: National Poetry Month 17 of 30


via Photobucket by Brandie 876
No knife.
No fork.
No spoon.
Just spork.
Glorious spork.
To eat
green beans,
and soup,
one must become
at the art
of sporking
in the school

©  Cathy L.  Mere  2014

I'm writing poetry for 30 days.  For the first seven days of the challenge I wrote about "objects of memory," and then I wrote about "objects I just can't live without."  For the next seven days I will be writing about objects that can be found at school.  This will help me to prepare for a little poetry writing with students.  Our class will be taking poetry around the building in the days to come.  

April is National Poetry Month.  Again this year, inspired by Mary Lee Hahn, I'm joining other poetry bloggers (view links in sidebar) taking the challenge to share poetry each day during the month of April.  For thirty days my hope is to write a new poem each day.  The first two years I took this challenge I wrote any poem that found me.  This year, however, I've decided to try to write a poem about an object each day.  If you've read Billy Collins' poem, The Lanyard, you may have noticed the way he took an object to tell a much more meaningful story of his relationship with his mother.  My hope is to find the deeper significance in the things around me.  


  1. Sporking, now I have heard of everything... Too funny, but I do realize it is real...

  2. HA! "glorious spork" -- two words that perhaps have never been paired until now!

  3. "at the art
    of sporking

    Giggling and adoring this!

  4. Know these well! Should I mention that I have kindergarten lunch duty??? Your poem made me laugh!


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