Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pink Rain: Chalk-a-bration

Today is the last day of April so it is the end of 30 days of poetry for #NationalPoetryMonth and it is time to celebrate with a Chalk-a-bration.  Today I join Betsy Hubbard in a little end of the month poetry celebration.  It has been snowing for months making it hard to participate.  My students and I were determined that despite the rain we would get outside for a chalk-a-bration celebration.  While on the playground, I couldn't help but notice this flowering tree waiting for a poem so I stopped to write a little poem inspired by the colorful blossoms.

Pink Rain

Pink blossoms
Rest on umbrella
On the perfect
To float down.
Raining pink
Onto the grass
of green.  


  1. Love this poem, especially the part about Raining pink... We are in mourning for our cherry trees which will be cut down soon so that portables can be moved onto the lawn in preparation for an addition to our school. Progress is hard!

  2. Umbrella branches and pink rain -- love it!


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