Friday, March 30, 2012

SOLS #30: The Best Things in Life Start with CH

Wow, are we really on day 30?  Hard to believe.   Some days it's just about being persistent.  "What I try to do is write.  I may write for two weeks, 'the cat sat on a mat, that is that, not a rat.'  And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff.  But I try.  When I'm writing, I write.  And then it's as if the muse is convinced I am serious and says, 'Okay, Okay, I'll come.'"  Maya Angelou  (More quotes about writer's block here.)

I have a lot of work to do to convince the muse I am serious.  Here's today's attempt.  

My own children make fun of me for my first grade sense of humor.  Apparently, my jokes are't really as funny as I think they are.  It occurred to me that my children may be right.  Perhaps I have been living in a first grade world too long.  As I was sitting at Chipotle for lunch I started to think about how much I love Chipotle.  As I sat there and thought about it I began to realize that the best things in life start with ch.  It's true.  Let me show you.

  • Children
  • Chipotle
  • Chocolate
  • Cheesecake
  • Chips
  • Chinese Food
  • Cheese
  • Chili
  • Chicken (ok, it's not the best thing, but if I had to choose a meat to eat...)

So maybe my children are right.  Perhaps all of my years teaching first grade have finally gone to my head. Oh well, if I'm going to be like someone it might as well be first graders.  They truly know what's important in life.  


  1. This list rocks! I love how you think like a first grader. :) CH words - who knew?!

  2. It sounds like authentic word study to me! Ha Ha! I also appreciated you opening today (All the days really), but I have to say I was feeling that way today, I just don't feel "writerly" - Uggh! I go back and forth between feeling insecure about my writing, feeling good about it and then thinking "I really need to push myself." Asking, "Am I just phoning it in." It was affirming to see you were feeling that way, especially after reading yesterday's post. I have to say you inspire me to push myself as a writer!

  3. OOH... you may be on to something with your CH list. ;) I'll add to that list cherries (fresh in summer- yum), and challenges (SOL)

  4. I love your list, Cathy. I never realized how many wonderful things the ch brings. Can I add chili and chapters?

  5. To have a spirit of a first grader is a compliment.

  6. Three CH-eers for CH words! And if I'm not mistaken, don't your initials start with CH? So three CH-eers for YOU, too!


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