Sunday, March 25, 2012

SOLS #25: Pink Awakening

When I step out of my house each day right now, I see this weeping cherry.  It looks like poetry.  I know there is a poem there, but I cannot find it.  "I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew.  Writing a poem is discovering"  Robert Frost

Pink Awakening
No matter how 
I try,
I cannot find the words to 
your elegance.

Your branches 
toward the ground.
Blooms cascade,
tiny flowers 

Small pink surprises
in the warm air.
"I am here," 
you say.

I step out my door
And catch my 
in awe of your 

I pick up my pen
to try,
but I cannot 
your majesty.


  1. Wow - but you did capture the beauty starting right with the title! Pink awakening - I love it. What a gorgeous tree - only wish it stayed like this all spring/summer long . . .

  2. beautiful poem...I didn't know that was a called a pink it !

  3. This is beautiful, Cathy. And you do capture the pink elegance, the awakening. Your poem makes me think of a princess, dressed in a beautiful pink ball gown, entering the room for the first time…

  4. Gorgeous capturing of the tree next door.

  5. You captured the essence of the tree with your words. Gorgeous, poem and picture.

  6. Interesting, at first I thought you were going to be describing a sunrise, so the word "branches" really threw me for a loop. I love it when I can capture my own reading strategies. What a beautiful poem to model this with too.

    So was this difficult - not knowing where it was going when you started? I like how you speak to the truth of finding the right words to bring your muse to life, as well and how you begin with this and end with this difficult challenge.

  7. I loved this line especially -
    "Small pink surprises"

    I like to write poetry while I'm finding my way to my thoughts. Today, though, that failed me (I post today - Monday- a prose piece I started as a poem. I put the abandoned poem at the bottom of the post)

  8. This was beautiful! This morning as I pulled out of my driveway, literally, here are the thoughts that went through my head, "Wow - our little tree is full of little buds! Hmm... I bet a slicer out there somewhere could turn that into a GREAT poem!" Sadly, I just don't think I am that slicer, but I was happy to read yours and know that it might just be providing a bit of life to my tree today, too!

  9. Beautiful poem, Cathy. I love the look of it too as it resembles the look of the tree. Lovely.

  10. This was impressive, you make me want to try more poetry. Maybe. I have to admit I thought maybe this post was going to involve breast cancer awareness/Komen information after reading the title so I was completely caught off guard by the lyrical beauty I found here. Sad How marketing shapes my thoughts...maybe there's a poem in there?

  11. Just absolutely lovely. As always, your words inspire me to write more poetry -- something I definitely don't have enough of these days. Thank you!


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