Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SOLS #14: Slices of My Reading Time

As we near the middle of this challenge I am struck by the beautiful slices I read day after day.  I'm struck by these small moments in our lives that have such significant meaning.  I only wish I could manage to read all of the posts each day.  Instead I jump here and there hoping to catch as much as possible.  This poem is about that struggle to listen to the stories that call to me each evening.  

"Poems are made of talk and moments."  Poem Crazy, Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge 

Slices of My Reading Time

The clock strikes midnight.
Like Cinderella,
I know there is someplace else 
I need to be.
But I cannot move.

I sit here wide awake.
Caught up in the stories 
Of friends
New and old.
Small slices with great significance.

Words float across the page.
Words that move me,
Phrases that speak to me,
Stories that make me smile,
Memories that make my heart heavy.

My Kindle sits beside me
Waiting on me to pick it up.
Will Revka find peace?
Will Aziza find her way?
I must read on.

Nearing the end of my book
I want to finish,
To just read all night.
But these slices shout louder
They call me away.

Instead of my book 
I read stories,
Small slices of life
That call to me,
That make me want to hear more.

Like the prince
Searching for the owner
Of the beautiful glass slipper.
I cannot stop
Until I have tried them all.


  1. Yes! That is exactly how I feel, too.
    "Like the prince
    Searching for the owner
    Of the beautiful glass slipper.
    I cannot stop
    Until I have tried them all"

    Is it because we love connecting with the stories? It is almost an addiction, isn't it?

  2. "Poems are made of talk and moments." - This explains why it feels like a poem speaks to you! I hear you loud and clear. I feel a bit like a voyeur, dipping in and out of people's lives, then having to go back and find out more

  3. So many posts this year and not enough time. I was able to connect with your poem. It's so enjoyable being swept away by others stories. I just wish I could spend the day reading posts instead of working. Happy reading!

  4. Love your poem and feel I can connect to so many parts of it. I'm compelled to read "just one more" slice and then find myself reading another, and another. :)

  5. My husband and I lead workshops under the theme: This is My Story. In them, we tell participants that each of us is living a story. We have crises and character transformation, just like a good book. And the better we live our story, the more others are drawn to our stories. I love your poem as you've captured exactly why we're drawn to reading other's slices, pieces of their stories. And why we need to write them.

  6. Wonderful. You put into words what I was feeling! It's so true. Slice are the first thing on my mind in the morning!

  7. That was amazing! I love your comparisons. It is so fun to read such a variety of great writers and people through this challenge - thanks Cathy!

  8. I think the very same thing! Beautifully written!

  9. Truly addictive! I keep saying "one more.." and then it's another. I have to manage my time so I can get other things done, too! *laughs*

  10. What a beautiful way of stating how important reading and commenting on these slices have become to us.
    Jen Burton wrote a poem today that reflects the same thinking. You should check it out.

  11. Perfect capture-like a photo of a few recent evenings of my own where reading and commenting shoves my books aside. Thank you for the poem and for making me feel a welcome part of this slicing community. Your comments have been an inspiration and comfort to me. I appreciate you!

  12. This week is my spring break and I thought I'd go through several books, but I have yet to finish ONE because I'm feeding on as many slices as I can. Your poem says it all ' these slices shout louder' (love that line), 'small slices of great significance.' So true.

  13. I scribbled in my notebook two days ago that this writing challenge has squashed my reading time! I feel like I haven't picked up a book in days! You said it so much more eloquently than I could through your words in poetry!!! Bravo!

  14. Oh Cathy, you seem to have captured what all of us "Slicers" have been feeling. I wish I could take a day off to catch up on all the stories I've missed. These slices do shout loudly....I'm drawn to them. I agree with Lee Ann, your comments have been an inspirtation and comfort to me too. Thanks so much.

  15. I, like others, feel frustrated & like that old book title am dancing (reading) as fast as I can. I have loved some more than others really, but have liked every one, so like you, feel torn to not see them all. It's a lovely sentiment to stay awake "until you've tried them all". Thanks very much, Kathy

  16. Reading slices IS addictive...and now I've added your new blog (love the title) to my group!


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