Monday, March 19, 2012

SOLS #19: My Book Is Calling Me

In Writing Toward Home, Georgia Heard gives us this advice in trying to establish a habit of writing, "What are the rocks in the currents of your writing life?  What obstacles keep you from writing?  Becoming aware of what is blocking you sometimes leads to a solution."  Tonight the rock in my way is my book which is nearing the end.

I try to pull the weeds from my flowerbed
They've taken over
The warm weather has made them bold
They taunt me as they grow in number
And dare me to drag them out
I should get my gloves and begin,
     But my book is calling me.

My dishwasher is filled with dishes
Needing to be put away
The laundry is calling from heaping baskets
The floors need to be mopped
The house tells me to get busy
It has been waiting,
      But my book is calling me.

I need to sit down
To put words upon a page
To think about what is worth writing
And how exactly it should be said
To find enough quiet to begin to make sense,
      But my book is calling me.

must listen.  


  1. I love this poem! My post was about the same thing, but not as well "spoken" as your poem!

  2. I love your poem as well. I hope you are drawn into your book tonight. I plan to do the same here.

  3. Oh, this is speaking to me! My books keep calling too - but some how I'm spending more time reading slices and writing! Just for the month, right? Maybe my book is calling me louder tonight. I must listen too. Enjoy reading! Love the poem!!!

  4. Cathy, I love this poem. It's so peaceful...Just like getting lost in a really good book. I love the refrain, "My book is calling me." and the perfect ending, "Tonight, I must listen." Thanks for sharing and Happy Reading!

  5. I love this, Cathy! I went on Twitter and didn't see you tweet out your link... so I was afraid I'd miss your post today :(

    So glad I discovered this one. I haven't read my Georgia Heard book in a while, I need to dig it back off the shelf.

  6. I love it! For me it's a book or sewing - diverting me from housework.

  7. And the book that called you was????


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