Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poetry Month: Goodbye, Dear Weekend 19 of 30

Monday rests on the other side of night.
The weekend now a distant light.
Gone are friends and family fun.
Gone are days that blend to one.
Where sunshine feels bright and bold.
Where moments put our breath on hold.
Days where laughter filled our heart.
Days which now, we each must part.

The curtain closes on the stage this time.
No time for encore; the bell does chime.
The clock strikes midnight; the cuckoo sings.
The days have passed, we try to cling.
The rain pours quickly from the sky.
The dark clouds feel our deepest cry.
The weekend's gone, to be no more.
We must move on, must close the door.

But, oh, the fun we two did share.
Those days we didn't have a care.
Mondays will come and they will go;
The week will surely go too slow.
Hopefully again we two shall meet;
Myself and weekend soft and sweet.
Until that time we meet again;
I'll think of you and smile within.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015

So....there are poems we write that probably shouldn't be published, but here we go anyway.  I mean, after all, when you are writing a poem each day sometimes you just have to let one go.  Today I was thinking about the busy weekend we had, and all the fun times within it.  We were able to spend time with friends, family, and still get a some work done in our flowerbeds.  Oh, Weekend, I do love thee.  I decided to try to write a goodbye to the weekend, and set my sights on an elegy.  Yes, we could argue whether I accomplished the elegy or even the parody, but maybe you'll humor me a bit on this, the 19th, day of poetry writing.

It's April and National Poetry Month.  I'm writing a poem every day to help celebrate!  Thanks to Margaret SimonLeigh Anne EckMichelle HaseltineLinda BaieJulieanne Harmatz, and Kevin Hodgson for giving the final push.  We are linking using the hashtag #digipoetry.  I have to also thank my everyday poetry mentors Mary Lee Hahn & Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.  They continually inspire me.  You'll find more poetry on the sidebar. 


  1. Are you kidding? I thought it was a great poem - you definitely accomplished what you set out to do, and I strongly connected to it. I attended a bridal shower for Libby yesterday, and I was sad when it was over. I'm having a hard time concentrating on school with all the life events that are happening right now in our family. Your first lines captivated me right away.

  2. I love this poem!!! I also loved this great week end that we were all able to share.. We are truly blessed!!!


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