Saturday, April 4, 2015

Poetry Month: The Blink of an Eye 4 of 30

Today is my son's birthday.  I'm not sure how I have children so old all of a sudden.  It seems I blinked and their childhoods had raced right by.  Happy birthday, John.  

I remember when
you army crawled
across the living room floor.
When my biggest concern
was that you would
steal the pacifier
of an infant
passing by.

I remember when
you fixed everything
in our house
with plastic tools.
When my biggest concern
was which story
we would read
before bed.

I remember when
you raced around
the soccer field
chasing the soccer ball
as if it was magnetic.
When my biggest concern
was that you could
hear us cheering
you on from the sidelines.

I remember when
your friends carried
small televisions
into our house.
Cords made paths
from player to player
in an intense challenge
of skill.
When my biggest concern
was having enough
food for your friends.

I remember when
toy cars were replaced
with real cars.
You'd get behind the wheel
pull out of the driveway
to go here and there.
When my biggest concern
was you arriving home

I'm not sure when
you became taller
than me,
or when the games
you play
became real life.
When my biggest concern
was that your world
be filled with the happiness
you have given me.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015

Thanks to Margaret SimonLeigh Anne EckMichelle HaseltineLinda BaieJulieanne Harmatz, and Kevin Hodgson for giving the final push.  We are linking using the hashtag #digipoetry.  I have to also thank my everyday poetry mentors Mary Lee Hahn & Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.  They continually inspire me.  You'll find more poetry on the sidebar. 


  1. Cathy- This made me cry! So perfect! Wish some of these were my concerns now. Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Oh I love it! I love how the biggest concerns shift as time passes. I hope he enjoyed a wonderful birthday.

  3. I love this poem about "John Boy"!!! I loved the one about stealing someone else's pacifier!!! You and Jeff have done a great job raising him in the right ways.. He is an awesome man!!! He continues to make me smile..

  4. What a beautiful poem! Happy Birthday to your son!!! Thank you for sharing him with us in this poem! :)

  5. Too sweet ... and full of memories. I love the repetition of the "I remember when ... " and "When my biggest concern was ..." Happy birthday to your John!

  6. Love the procession of life as you remember. We don't forget do we? And each stage holds its joys. Happy Birthday to your sweet John, Cathy.

  7. This made me teary a happy and sad way. What a treasure. Put this on the back of this photograph in a frame somewhere. It should be saved in somewhere besides cyberspace. So much love... Happy birthday to both of you! xo, a.

  8. Mrs.Mere I think this is a awesome poem!

  9. Beautiful, even though I have only known John since he was taller than you, I can see him army crawling across the floor. Your words are assembled beautifully and so easily felt in that mom place where we love the deepest. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart with the world.

  10. In this poem, you have captured so much about your son growing up...and it made me think of my kids too.
    What a treasure piece.


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