Friday, February 28, 2014

Time to Chalk?

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's event is hosted by Anastasia at Poet!  Poet!.  Of course, it's also a day for a Chalk-A-Bration hosted by Betsy at Teaching Young Writers.  It's been quite a winter and, while I'm trying hard not complain, I'm really done with it.  Needless to say the thought of dragging chalk into my driveway is downright frightening so today I'm joining Poetry Friday and Chalk-A-Bration thanks to my Chalk Board app.  


  1. I can't imagine the cold and snow that you all have had to endure for so long. I will complain when the summer is here, but for now I am happy to be in the south where we can chalk on the sidewalk even when it's cold.

  2. I wouldn't go out either, Cathy, but wrote on a snow pic-ha! Your poem shares what we all want, especially the chalk I suppose, but sorry to say, more is coming, for us tomorrow, not much snow but cold again.

  3. Ah yes, how I can hardly wait for chalkable surfaces to arise amidst the drudging colors of old winter.

  4. I love that you were able to "chalk" your poem anyway - even if your "sunshine" was in the form of an electric light...for now. = )


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