Monday, April 2, 2018

Poetry Month: Morning Surprise 2 of 30

For the month of April, I'll be writing poetry each day in celebration of National Poetry Month.  I've decided not choose a theme, not to plan the writing, but instead to wait to see what poetry finds me each day.  

Today...snow found me.  Again!!!!  I probably should have called this poem MOURNING Surprise because all of this snow has me crying.  

Morning Suprise
Yesterday the grass was green.
Today I woke to white.
The moon's light reflected snow.
It was a dreadful sight.

In January, I do love the flakes
as they flutter from the sky.
In April, when I see them fall,
I think I might just cry.

The snow rests on the branches.
It covers all the ground.
Flowers should be what I see
each time I look around.

Instead the white surrounds me,
the temperatures are cold.
They say that spring is coming,
but I'm doubting what I'm told.

It's time for birds and tulips;
much warmer weather too.
I can't believe it's not yet spring.
Yes, Snow, I'm over you.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2018


  1. Cathy- This is really clever! I can't believe you could not only write, but write a poem that rhymes! Especially when you are in such emotional distress :))) I hope this is fictional, but I'm afraid it's not! Here's to warmer weather soon!


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