Thursday, March 9, 2017

#SOL17 Day 9: Who's in Charge?

Dog prances
at 4:30 a.m.
pitter patter
tap tap
her feet prance
on the wood floor.

I try to ignore her
but the pitter patter
tap tap 

I roll over
hoping to continue
to sleep.
Hoping she'll
settle back down, 
but soon I hear
the pitter patter 
tap tap.   

I rise 
let her out.
She wins, 
yet again.  

© Cathy L. Mere, 2017 

For the sixth year, I will be joining the Slice of Life Challenge with the community of Two Writing Teachers.  I will be trying to put my fingers to the keyboard every day for the 31 days of March.  Stop by today's link up at Two Writing Teachers to read other posts.  


  1. I know who is in charge ... and {pssst} ... it's not you. Hope you were able to fall back asleep after all the pitter patter tap tapping.

  2. Is Pitter Patter cuter than a lick in the face and a wagging tail? :) I think I know two doggies that are running the show...

  3. Ha! Love this. You've pretty much described my life. Perfect perspective.

  4. Love it -- my dog gives a little whine - over and over. They always win!

  5. Ha! Yep, they rule the world. ;-) I'm sure there were a lot of pet owners and parents of little children who got up earlier than usual this morning because of the time change!

  6. I love the beat that came to me while I read the words. Dogs are interesting creatures.


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