Friday, July 3, 2015

Poetry Friday / CLMOOC: Ocean Remedy

Today I am going to combine two events:  Poetry Friday and CLMOOC.  This week's CLMOOC challenge is to Re(MEDIA)te something. 
"For this Make Cycle, we invite you to consider how the media we compose within (like print, sound, still and moving image, or objects) influence how we communicate and interpret.  In this Make Cycle, we will mediate and re-mediate and reflect on how the affordances of different media impact our choices, processes, and meanings."  CLMOOC
The point, as I understand it, is to consider how the different ways we choose media to present an idea can impact the understanding our audience walks away with after reading or viewing our composition.  

Today I'm going to play with this idea in four steps.  How does each shape your understanding?  Which compositions allow you, the reader, to take more liberties and bring your own understandings to the meaning displayed and which push you more toward the message I hope to convey?  Which compositions speak to you?  

Composition I:  Digital Image

Composition II:  Video 

Made on my iPhone with Magisto.  The app allows for theme and song choice which
was important in creating a mood.  You can insert video and image, but I haven't found
a way to choose the order they will appear. 

Composition III:  Poem (Poetry Friday Composition)
Made on my iPhone with Phonto.
Photo allows you to easily take an image and add text.

Composition IV:  Poetry Remix Using Haiku Deck 

Ocean Remedy - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Mainely Write  as Donna hosts today's parade of wondrous words.


  1. My favorite is the ocean picture with the poem on it and to the right so the ocean is still fully visible. I get to look at the ocean and get a feel for the space, then read the words letting them sink in, glancing back at the picture as I feel the need and starting the poem over easily to reread a portion if I feel the need...and that is all run-on, but...gorgeous picture and wonderful poem!

  2. No matter which one, Cathy, I love the way you write with the ocean's voice. I like the haiku deck because you chose an image that matches each stanza. Beautiful all!

  3. Wow. Thanks for the mentor text on re-vision. I'm wondering if making that video is what helped your writing to gather strength (because -- wow -- that poem!! I'm feeling the calm from thousands of miles and opposite ecosystems away from an ocean!) or if it is just the strong emotive connection to the ocean. I'm definitely saving this link so I can share your work with my students.

  4. Beautiful poetry, images, and instructions for how you combined them all!

  5. Cathy- First of all, I love your poem. This has been a hard year, several people I love having really significant health issues and I'm longing desperately for some of that ocean remedy. And these are all beautiful. I think your third one is my favorite, I love the way the photograph and the font blend. But I also love the photo in one, and the music and photos in two. Thank you for sharing these. Enjoy your time at the ocean.

  6. Cathy, I like all of them, but my favorite is the poem imposed on the digital photo. There is something so healing about spending time near the water. Love that you're getting some water time. Thanks for your creations.

  7. Since my beach experience is lived through yours vicariously, I appreciate all 4 compositions. My favorite of the four is the poem imposed on top of the photograph. Your words are beautiful and there's something about the font you used that is peaceful and calming.

  8. This is beautiful, Cathy. "Find your peace/in my reflection" is the reason I've always loved the ocean. I also love how you've "remediated" your poem in different formats. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. So interesting to see all the different media approaches here, Cathy. Your poem is beautiful and I like how the interpretation of it "changed" when I read it with Phonto vs. Haiku Deck. But I also appreciated how well music, paired with image, can also take on the role of poetry.


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