Monday, July 13, 2015


Last week's make for the #CLMOOC took me way out of my comfort zone.  As soon as the word "game" was mentioned I felt the dread creep up much as it did when I was in high school and the words "five paragraph essay" were tossed into the air.  It's like a cement wall just stopped me right where I stood.  I don't know why games no longer bring me comfort.  As a child, I spent hours playing games with my grandparents.  There was nothing like a game of Old Maid, Aggravation, Spoons, or Rummy to bring some excitement to the day.

Now, games just make my head spin.  I get that they're important, but they seem to take time I really don't have.  On top of that, they make me think of "coding" for some reason.  Coding is another aspect of learning, I've shied away from lately.  This week the #CLMOOC asked:
"For this Make Cycle, we invite you to use game design to analyze, remediate, and reflect on complex systems."
All week I stressed over this make and had really planned to just give up.  However, I had committed to this event so I needed to stay with it.  Yesterday I wrote a post about your "CORE apps."  These are apps you know you will use often in your classroom.  It doesn't mean they're the only apps you use, but if you were helping someone get started what would be your core?  I wrote the post in hopes of hearing about the CORE apps educators were using, but blogs often have little feedback.  So - because I'm desperate to not drop the ball here....and there is something I want to know - I decided to play a little tag.

I hope you'll play along.  Let's play T-APP Tag.  I've already started the game on Twitter, but there's no reason you can't start another game.  Let's see how this will go and what I can learn from it.

The rules:
1)  When you are tagged you need to read through the other posts on the board.
2)  Find one tool/app/site you'd like to try.
3)  Add a post it.  The post it should say something like "I'd like to try _____.  A few of my core apps are:  ______, _______, ______.   Then share 3-5 core apps on the Padlet board.
4)  Then you need to tag three new people to play on your favorite social media site.  (I'm starting to play on Twitter, but I see no reason the game has to stay there.)

For six weeks I am joining the CLMOOC.  MOOCs are massive online learning communities.  This one is offered by the Educator Innovator and powered by individuals from the The National Writing Project.  It focuses on making and creating meaning through six weeks of collaborative make cycles.  There is a focus for each week, a space to link up, and then ways to connect with others who are part of the project. 

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  1. I'm smiling!! This reminds me of the old chain letters... You should play more games!!!


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