Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where Do You Find Poetry?

So I haven't posted for such a long time because I've been having a bit of a poetry problem; I can't find a poem.  I've looked high and low - no poem.  Perhaps life has been too busy or maybe I just haven't taken the time to pause to find it, but poetry doesn't seem to be finding me these days.  What do you do to inspire poetry?

Where Do You Find Poetry?

when words do not come,
where do you
find poetry
when it eludes you?

what do you do
when the silence
is too quiet
for words?

how do you write
when the sound
of the birds
brings no song,
when the stream
gurgling over it's rocky base
can't bring your pen to paper?

though you look
deep into the night,
up into the skies of blue,
watch the sun rise
in the morning sky;

though you search
the usual places
poetry cannot be found.
what do you do
when words hide?

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015


  1. I'm sorry that it's been a game of hide-n-seek, Cathy. Advice! I really think it's unique to everyone. I read poetry, sometimes try to copy someone else's poem, & that gets me started. I also read books of 'how-to" & do what they say, even if it doesn't exactly inspire, it is words on the page. Best wishes, keep going!

  2. This is perfect for those of us struggling for writng for CL. Thanks for the share.

  3. You wrote about your search beautifully.


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