Friday, December 6, 2013

Poetry Friday: A Wish is a Start

Today I'm joining the Poetry Friday fun hosted by Robin Hood Black.  Stop by for more poetry links.

Last week I joined the #Nerdlution.  My goal is to read 50 minutes of fiction each day for 50 days.  I know, tough goal, right?  This week I finished The Center of Everything.  This story, about a girl named Ruby who is trying to make sense of the loss of her grandma, was touching.  In the book Ruby makes a wish.  As a read, like Ruby, I became fascinated with the power of a wish.  I couldn't help but think a wish might make a good topic for a poem.   However, as I wrote my poem I heard of the death of Nelson Mandela.  Reflecting on the life of Nelson Mandela caused me to pause to remind myself that a wish might not be enough.  Sometimes we have to do more than wish --- we have to take action.  

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A Wish is a Start
A coin tossed
into a shimmering fountain.
A birthday candle snuffed
in just one breath.
A shooting star
racing through the dark night.
Go ahead,

A wish
for the perfect moment,
held tightly
within the deepest corners
of our heart.
Go ahead,

A dream
for something better;
a change
that would somehow
make our world
a better place.
Go ahead,

may not be enough
to grant a wish.
We can wait on a wish,
or we can make changes,
speak up.
Go ahead,
Take action.

Take action,
find the strength to
work for a lifetime
to make a difference.
Go ahead,

a wish is a start.
Go ahead,
Find a coin.

© Cathy L. Mere

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  1. Oh, Cathy, I love the progression and circling around you created in this poem. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Keri. I thought I'd play with it a bit. It didn't quite work the way I had hoped but it was fun.

  2. Yes! "A wish is a start." This is going to be tucked into the corner of my heart, Cathy. Thank you...

    1. Amy,
      You always make me smile.

      Thank you,

  3. This is wonderfully crafted Cathy. The way your progressed down the 'more thoughtful' path as you explained in your intro is terrific. "Find a coin" will be a good thing to remember!

    1. The poem was so different before I heard the news of Mandela. As I thought of all he accomplished, I realized he didn't just wish he worked. It changed the poem.

  4. How inspiring. I whisper a dream in my heart today, thanks to this beautiful poem. :)

    1. Myra,
      "Whisper a dream in my heart" --- what a beautiful line.


  5. So interesting to read your process - that the sad news refocused the original poem, into this lovely one. Nicely done!

  6. Love this. I think we'll spend some time learning about Nelson Mandela today, and we'll come here to think about the importance of action along with wishing.

  7. Beautiful and inspiring. Perfect to share with my Girl Scout troop since "take action" projects are central to their mission.


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