Friday, May 10, 2013

Poetry Friday: June Bugs

Someone tell the June bugs it is only May.  Ughhhh!  They gross me out!  I was telling my students today about the way the June bugs have started showing up outside as dark approaches.  I'm even finding signs of them in the morning around our house.  I'm not a fan of the June bug.  I don't like the way they look.  I don't like the sound they make when they fly.  I don't like the way they erratically move from place to place.  It sounds like a poem in the making I assured my students.  So here it is...

It's Poetry Friday!  I'm joining the fun with this poem about June Bugs.  Stop by Anastasia Suen's Poetry Blog for links to more poetry.

June Bugs
Brown beetle,
your young life
behind you.

Now older,
you sneak out
late at night for food.

Yet, you often find yourself
in spaces not meant
for a beetle.

Now older,
you clumsily fly
in the night air.

Yet, you are not silent.
The sound of your wings
gives you away.

Now older,
aren't you supposed
to be wiser?

Yet, you crash
into windows
racing toward the light.

Brown beetle,
when will you learn
to not be fooled?

I've Noticed
six legs
hard shelled
fly toward light
land on screens
bounce into windows
make terrible noise when flying
appear May-June
out at night

Facts About June Bugs
.5-1 inch
eat plants and flowers
each female lays 50-200 eggs (NO!!!!  Say it isn't so!!!)
larvae are called white grubs
larvae live in soil
larvae eat plant roots
larvae live about 3 years before becoming adult
adults (the beetle) live less than one year

June Beetle:  Encyclopedia Britannica
June Bugs:  Yesterday's Island


  1. Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday!

  2. You forgot to include the fact that you are totally petrified of them, lol...

  3. I'm laughing over the image of middle aged June Bugs sneaking out at night, trying to relive their teenage exploits!

  4. I love your repeating lines. I'm not loving June bugs all over the porch (nor the fact of the female's prolific egg-laying!!!)


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