Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do I Dare?

Well, I've had my sauerkraut so, like everyone else, I'm thinking of how I want to make 2012 even better.  Last year I was tempted by the 365 day challenge.  A photo a day sounded like a reasonable goal, but I only lasted 58 days.  There was a point where I fell behind on updating.  Then I had to decide; do I catch up or keep up?  So I quit trying to post to this blog.

So it's a new year.  Do I dare to try again?  I know myself well.  I'm not one to make resolutions in the New Year.  I don't always stick to them.  It's not that I'm not always trying to improve, and I do set goals, but life gets busy.  Since we are running low on data for our internet plan (college students coming home can pull some serious data...and I'm a bit of data hog myself), I started learning some of the features of my phone.  It appears that I can send a photo directly to this blog through Picasa.  If this is true, maybe I'll give it another try.  

However, I'm not committing to 365 photos....just to taking it Day By Day.  

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